FOR RELEASE May, 14, 2013 - Brad Falchuk, the two-time Golden Globe winner and Emmy-nominated co-creator, director and screenwriter of Glee and American Horror Story, has optioned the Film/TV rights of Like Any Normal Day: A Story of Devotion, the critically acclaimed non-fiction book by Mark Kram, Jr.  Matthew Snyder at CAA negotiated the deal.

Like Any Normal Day, which was published last April by St. Martin’s Press and will be released today as a trade paperback by its imprint, Griffin, chronicles the ordeal of a former Philadelphia-area high school quarterback, Buddy Miley. In a game during his senior year in the fall of 1973, Buddy suffered a spinal chord injury and spent 23 ½ years as a quadriplegic. With the help of his younger brother Jimmy, himself a fine baseball player, Buddy visited special hospitals and healing shrines in search of a cure that would enable him to walk again and become reunited with Karen, a classmate who became the girl of his dreams. In ever-increasing pain as the years passed, Buddy called upon Jimmy to end his burden through an act of extraordinary courage.

Sports Illustrated called it “an honest, unsentimental and painfully human story.”

"I have been interested in the Mileys' story for some time, but as soon as I read Mark's remarkable book I knew it had to be made into a movie,” said Falchuk. “Mark's telling is already so cinematic, and the story explores the themes that have always been most dear to me as an artist -- loss, love, family, faith, and the majesty and fragility of the human experience.  I am honored that Mark has entrusted me with this beautiful, amazing book."

Kram said he was elated that Falchuk optioned Like Any Normal Day and would be writing the screenplay. “Having spoken with Brad at some length, we are absolutely on the same page on how this story should be told,” said Kram, who is a former senior writer for the Philadelphia Daily News and whose articles have appeared in The Best American Sports Writing anthology six times. “He has an understanding of the characters that is spot on. I am eager to see his vision on screen.”